Areas of Expertise

At East Coast Engineering and Construction we can take care of all of your engineering needs. Our experienced and highly sought-after specialities include:

Forensic Engineering

Our investigations will discover the cause of failure or damage. We can determine if the damage was related to an insurable event, a pre-existing issue, or other factors such as hydrostatic pressures or ground subsidence.

Engineering Investigation

We are the industry standard for inspecting and assessing damage after floods, cyclones, earthquakes, fires and hail storms. We provide detailed reports for insurance companies, repair builders, or loss adjusters.

Structural Engineering

Our engineers have extensive experience in identifying the extent and cause of foundation movement using hydraulic and laser level surveying, ground penetrating radar and geo-technical soil testing.

Compliance Certification

Using technologies such as bore scopes, ground penetrating radar, electronic pulse scanning, thermal imaging and refraction testing we can ensure your structure is in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.

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